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Wine Deals for Valentine’s Day

Champagne and Truffles

There are few things more romantic on Valentine’s Day than wine. Whether you want to send a wine club, a bottle of wine, or a wine gift basket, we have found some great deals. I find my husband particularly hard to shop for on Valentine’s Day, but […]

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How to Drink Wine During the Big Game

Wine and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up and everyone is making their food and drink lists. Wait…did I just say Super Bowl? Because they get really mad when anyone uses their name. So let’s just stick with “The Big Game.” Ads during “The Big Game” are always filled […]

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Do You BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)?

Opening a wine bottle

If there’s a restaurant in town that you like, but doesn’t serve wine (or serves wine that you don’t like), do you BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)? There are a few reasons why you’d bring your own bottle, but you should know what to expect before bringing […]

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10 Wines under $10 and Year-End Clearance at California Wine Club! (No membership required)

WCG - CAWine Club logo

This is time sensitive, as the offer ends tomorrow (12/31/13) at 5 PM.   So, if you want to stock up on some great wines, now is the time — and this is your chance. Normally, we’re talking about buying into a specific Wine Club, where you […]

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Wine in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Trisha and Eric enjoying Wine at EPCOT

Tricia and I found ourselves at Walt Disney World for Christmas this year (for Tricia, it was a chance to see family; for me, it was a chance to get away from them!) and, of course, we had to get together for some wine! If you’re really […]

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Wine Club Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers


The hours are ticking down until Christmas, and we are all trying to shove in as many last minute tasks as we can from baking cookies to buying presents. If you are still looking for a wine club to send as a gift (even if you are […]

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I Want a Wine Club for Christmas

Wine for Christmas

As adults we are not usually asked for Christmas wish lists anymore. In fact, we are rarely asked at all what we want, and it is generally in poor taste to just blurt out to everyone what we wish for. If you wish for wine or a […]

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Buy a Wine Drinking Experience from IfOnly.com

IfOnly Wine Deal

This is really interesting. IfOnly is a marketplace for extraordinary experiences with the world’s top talents. Members can learn how to make an incredible dish from a Michelin-starred chef, meet their favorite musician before a concert, or have their tennis swing analyzed by the same coach that took […]

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Gold Medal Wine Club Gifts

Gold Medal Wine Club Gifts

Gold Medal Wine Club Gifts are some of the nicest packaged wine clubs we’ve reviewed so far. Just take a look at Tricia & Todd’s video review of Gold Medal Wine Club gifts, and you’ll see how beautiful the packaging is: The most popular club is the […]

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Wine Clubs That Ship to Every State

Wine Gift State Shipping

It’s time for gift shopping and the first question you need to ask when choosing a wine gift is which gift will ship to the state you need? Wine delivery laws are extremely confusing, but I am going to quickly break them down and help you find […]

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