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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Are Wine Clubs Worth It

Did you know that you can Ask the Wine Club Group anything about wine clubs and we will help you find the answer? One of the questions we are asked most is whether wine clubs are “worth it.” We’ve personally reviewed so many different clubs that we […]

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WineBee.com Discount Code


WineBee.com features some of the best Italian wines you can find online. While they have mixed clubs of reds, whites, roses and sparkling wines with 6 or 12 bottles (quarterly or monthly) per shipment, the WineBee.com discount codes we’re sharing with you today are for their wine […]

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Pacific Northwest Series from The California Wine Club (Review and Video)

Pacific Northwest Series from The California Wine Club

Every now and again I receive wine from a wine club that I would never have thought to buy for myself but ends up being perfect for me. The Pacific Northwest Series from The California Wine Club turned out to be one of those. Who knew that […]

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Garagiste Series by Gold Medal Wine Club Review (with Video)

Garagiste Series from Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club has a new club: Garagiste (pronounced gar-uh-zheest’), and I had the privilege of receiving and reviewing this club. Most of the time, Todd, Tricia and I can easily review clubs, but Garagiste was a bit intimidating. Something with a fancy name like this […]

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Finding Wine Treasures at Rummage Sales


Hi, I’m Todd.  And I’m a rummage sale junky. There.  I said it.  I feel better. And I know I’m not alone.  Many people love the thrill of finding something unique, or “too cheap to pass up” at garage sales, yard sales – or whatever you call ‘em. […]

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Pitt-Jolie’s Miraval Rose 2013 Available

Pitt-Jolie Miraval Rose

Most of the time I don’t believe they hype when celebrities create or endorse products. I’m particularly skeptical when it is something as nuanced as wine. However, I’ve been researching the Miraval Rose 2013 wine produced by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and the reviews are actually […]

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MonthlyClubs.com Coupon Code Father’s Day 2014

Monthlyclubs.com Coupon Code

MonthlyClubs.com (formerly Gourmet Monthly Clubs) has some great clubs that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift, and you can save up to $25 by using one of these MonthlyClubs.com coupon codes. $10 off any order of 3 months or longer   There are also codes for […]

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Free $10 from WineShopper Daily Wine Deals


WineShopper.com (from Wine.com) features daily deals on premium wines at up to 70% off. When you signup for WineShopper, you’ll get $10 deposited into your account, which you can use for a future purchase of wine. In addition, you can refer others and receive $25 from each […]

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It’s Father’s Day Wine Time! (Here are some special deals for Dad)


Who’s got two thumbs, two kids and loves wine?  This guy! ..and I bet you know a father or two who loves wine, too.  If so, you’re in luck, because a couple of our favorite wine clubs have great promotional deals in honor of dad this year! […]

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Forbes Wine Club at $5 a Bottle

Forbes Wine Club $5 Bottles

Wine clubs can be a great way to save money on wine as well as figure out which wines you like. The new deal from Forbes Wine Club is a perfect combination of both of those. Keep reading to find out how you can get wines tailored […]

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