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Spanish Paella Recipes and Wine Pairings

Spanish Paella Recipes and Wine Pairings

Today is National Spanish Paella Day (March 27) and we want to help you celebrate it with some authentic Spanish paella paired with great wine. What is Paella? Paella is a one-pot rice dish that originated in Spain and is now popular all around the world. It […]

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New Law in Michigan – We Can Bring Wine Into Restaurants!

WCG Wine pouring in glass

Wine laws are getting a make-over here in Michigan! Just a couple years ago, our legislators passed a law that allows us customers to re-cork unfinished bottles of wine, and bring them home. (That’s smart, as it encourages people to consume in moderation and bring the rest […]

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How to Drink Wine During the Big Game

Wine and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up and everyone is making their food and drink lists. Wait…did I just say Super Bowl? Because they get really mad when anyone uses their name. So let’s just stick with “The Big Game.” Ads during “The Big Game” are always filled […]

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Do You BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)?

Opening a wine bottle

If there’s a restaurant in town that you like, but doesn’t serve wine (or serves wine that you don’t like), do you BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)? There are a few reasons why you’d bring your own bottle, but you should know what to expect before bringing […]

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Wine in Epcot at Walt Disney World

Trisha and Eric enjoying Wine at EPCOT

Tricia and I found ourselves at Walt Disney World for Christmas this year (for Tricia, it was a chance to see family; for me, it was a chance to get away from them!) and, of course, we had to get together for some wine! If you’re really […]

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Thankful for Wine and Pinterest

Wine and Thanksgiving on Pinterest

As I saw everyone posting on Facebook the things that they are thankful for, I was thinking to myself that I am thankful for wine and Pinterest. How else would I be able to figure out in 10 minutes which wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner, how […]

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Cold and Rainy Tent Camping: We Did it for the Wine Tasting!

2013-10-06 18.53.54

Let me start by telling you that I am not a tent camper.  The idea of being without electricity, plumbing and room service freaks me out. I do, however, own a tent.  I’ve only used it with the kids in our back yard.  (Yeah, that’s really rustic. […]

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Winning Wine at a Local Halloween-Themed Charity Fundraiser

WCG - I won a halloween themed gift basket spider wine glasses focus 600w

I’ve been receiving wine shipments from several of the best wine of the month clubs (and show people the best wine club gifts) for almost two years now.  Key parts of reviewing these wine clubs is to (a) receive the shipments, (b) take a lot of photos […]

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Learning About Wine: Today’s Lesson is Spain and Spanish Wine (video)

WCG - Etty and Todd talking Columbus Day Wines 600w with caption

We were fortunate enough to interview a true wine expert for yesterday’s post, which was inspired by Columbus Day. In that original post, we wanted to  highlight and explore countries that were linked to Christopher Columbus.  The original intention was to make a single video that highlighted […]

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Columbus Day Inspired Wine Education – Learning About Italian Wine.

WCG - Etty and Todd talking Columbus Day Wines 600w

Today is Columbus Day, a day we celebrate the discovery of our land in 1492. Since I have been out of school for so many years, I must admit, I didn’t remember much about the Columbus Day Holiday. So, I did a little research. As we contemplated […]

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