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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Are Wine Clubs Worth It

Did you know that you can Ask the Wine Club Group anything about wine clubs and we will help you find the answer? One of the questions we are asked most is whether wine clubs are “worth it.” We’ve personally reviewed so many different clubs that we […]

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Pacific Northwest Series from The California Wine Club (Review and Video)

Pacific Northwest Series from The California Wine Club

Every now and again I receive wine from a wine club that I would never have thought to buy for myself but ends up being perfect for me. The Pacific Northwest Series from The California Wine Club turned out to be one of those. Who knew that […]

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Garagiste Series by Gold Medal Wine Club Review (with Video)

Garagiste Series from Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club has a new club: Garagiste (pronounced gar-uh-zheest’), and I had the privilege of receiving and reviewing this club. Most of the time, Todd, Tricia and I can easily review clubs, but Garagiste was a bit intimidating. Something with a fancy name like this […]

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California Wine Clubs

California Wine Clubs

Here in the US, when people think of domestic wine, they typically think of wine from California. After all, nearly 90% of all American wine is produced in California, and its history dates back to the 18th century. If California were its own country, it would be […]

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Comparing Local and Online Wine Clubs

Local Wine Club Dinner

Last night I attended a wine club dinner at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. We’ve been wine club members there for a couple of years and have started going to their dinners about once a quarter. During the dinner when I mentioned that I review wine clubs […]

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Rescheduling Wine Club Deliveries

UPS My Choice

I was getting ready for a trip and received an email that my wine club was going to be delivered the Tuesday that I was gone. Panic! Well, not so fast – there are ways to reschedule your wine club shipment, so you don’t miss out. UPS […]

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Consumer Reports: Wine of the Month Club

Consumer Reports Wine of the Month Club

Congratulations to our friends from Wine of the Month Club for recently being rated at the top of the monthly wine clubs that Consumer Reports ranked. Their rating definitely matches up with our Wine of the Month Club reviews. Consumer Reports experts blind tasted wine from the […]

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Holiday Gift Guides from Uncorked.com

WCG - Uncorked Wine Club Holiday Gift Guides

As you may know, we have created a Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Club Shopping. It helps you select the best wine club as a gift for all of the wine lovers on your holiday gift list.  (Click here to get our exclusive wine club holiday gift […]

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Which Wine Club Is Best?

Which Wine Club Is Best

Having reviewed dozens of wine clubs, we’re often asked, “which wine club is best?” Well: it depends. First, you want to make sure the wine club ships to your state. Because of various state laws, not all clubs can ship to all states. We’ve listed the clubs […]

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Introducing: “Ask The Wine Club Group”!

Todd Tricia and Eric laughing together

Since we started reviewing wine clubs, sharing our findings, presenting our research, and ultimately providing recommendations for wine of the month clubs, we’ve become known as the “go to friends” for wine club questions. Eric, Tricia and I (Todd) have different tastes in wine.  We like different […]

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